Hi there. I'm
Carson Cummins.
Stuff I've made
AURA is the easiest way to find research opportunities at universities across the country.
A service that helps you organize your life with automated messages.
jpg stack rewrite
This paper describes an algorithm I wrote for reducing the size of jpg images using an autoencoding neural network integrated into my own rewrite of the jpeg compression stack
A nocode dockerfile generation tool that simplifies getting started with docker.
College application
My undergrad's application process allowed for the submission of something unique to show off, so I wrote this website that uses a genetic algorithm to decide on the school over a few simulated generations.
Hilbert curves
This goes over some of my thought process while making a Java library for generating Hilbert Curves, a method for neatly filling 2d space with a 1d object.
Jobs I've had
Data platform software engineering intern
Created data pipeline visualization to track job status and pipeline health in real time. Developed tooling to track migrations of EKM data across Quip and Slack's cloud environment. Built an internal data location webpage to improve the debugging experience for IDR compliance.
Security software engineering intern
Delivered automated role request system that integrated directly with existing internal RBAC procedures. Worked extensively with Python, Go, Kubernetes while gaining insight into access governance systems at scale.
Software engineering intern
Created a suite of tools to serialize a running Windows Jenkins server and replicate the server within a Docker container. Extensive work using Windows Batch scripting and Python. Analyzed both source code and decompiled binaries to determine proper Docker configuration for proper function of a complex build system with several unmaintained aspects.
👋 I'm Carson, a software developer from Oregon finishing up my senior year at the University of Rochester. I'm really interested in solving hard, high impact problems that improve people's lives. Throughout college, I built AURA, which has helped connect hundreds of different students with research, and is still helping out students today. Right now, I'm working on Texly, a service that lets you organize your life with scheduled notifications.
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